The current situation of the actor whose parents declared that they would compete by taste and never hang up his picture

Actor Go Kyung-pyo’s parents are running a Buckwheat Noodles restaurant after retirement. His father, who dreamed of becoming a chef, opened a Buckwheat Noodles restaurant.

When appearing on a variety show in the past, Go Kyung-pyo made everyone laugh by telling a story in which his parents declared that they would not hang up a picture of their son, who is an actor.

His parents, who had strong self-esteem, said that they would compete by taste and not get help from his reputation.

go kyung pyo

However, after Park Bo-gum visited their restaurant, they took a picture with him and hung it up.

The guests mistook them for Park Bo-gum’s parents. They had no choice but to hang up Go Kyung-pyo’s picture to prevent misunderstandings.

Regarding this situation, the host countered, “Your parents thought that they’d only hang up your picture if you were at Park Bo-gum’s level, right?” Go Kyung-pyo burst into laughter when he heard this.

Born in 1990, Go Kyung-pyo debuted with the drama “Jungle Fish 2”. Afterwards, he made his face known to the public through the drama “Reply 1988”. He recently solidified his presence by appearing as Soo-wan in “Decision to Leave”.

In addition, he is planning to bring laughter through the movie “6/45”. Besides, he is proving that he is a trending actor and is having busy days by appearing in Netflix’s movie “Seoul Vibe”.

Source: daum

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