A male star of “Reply 1988” looks unrecognizable in Netflix’s upcoming action film 

Do you recognize Sun Woo of “Reply 1988” in his latest work? 

Before the love triangle between Duk Sun (Hye Ri) with Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) and Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum) in “Reply 1988”, she once had a crush on Sun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo). As Duk Sun’s first crush, Sun Woo also makes many viewers fall in love with him. He is a model student with top grades, an amazing friend, an understanding, filial son, a good brother with a kind and innocent personality. Among all the characters in “Reply 1988”, Sun Woo is perhaps the only one who is perfect in every way and also has the best ending.

After playing Sun Woo, Go Kyung Pyo shot to fame.  Following the “Reply 1988” craze, Go Kyung Pyo appeared in more dramas such as Jealousy Incarnate, Chicago Typewriter, Cross, Private Lives,… Although both his handsome looks and acting drew praise, Go Kyung Pyo has yet to gain a truly breakout role after all his hard work. 

This August, Go Kyung Pyo is about to make a comeback in Netflix’s new film “Seoul Vibe”, where he reunited with Yoo Ah In, his co-star from “Chicago Typewriter”. Go Kyung Pyo is raising viewers’ curiosity with his dramatic transformation in “Seoul Vibe”. No longer having a good boy image, Go Kyung Pyo in “Seoul Vibe” has a dusty and rebellious street style. An interesting thing about “Seoul Vibe” is that the movie is also set in Seoul in 1988 like “Reply 1988”, but Go Kyung Pyo is looking totally different from Sun Woo.

In “Seoul Vibe”, Go Kyung Pyo plays Woo Sam, a member of the Samgyedong team, a team of talented drivers involved in a scheme to rob VIP funds. The action-packed film, set in 1988, has been described as “unimaginably epic” with thrilling car chases occurring on the streets of Seoul.

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