“HYBE Rookie” &TEAM to appear on an exclusive variety show on Japanese TV ahead of their debut

HYBE’s first Japanese group &TEAM will appear on an exclusive entertainment show on a local terrestrial channel ahead of their official debut.

According to HYBE on November 11th, the first episode of the entertainment show “&TEAM Academy,” named after HYBE Labels Japan’s &TEAM (K, Fuma, Nicholas, EJ, Yuma, Jo, Harua, Taki, and Maki), will be broadcast on Nippon TV at 2:30 p.m. on Nov 12th.


“&TEAM Academy” is a program in which nine members learn, experience, and connect with a new world through their seniors in the entertainment industry who will appear as guests. It is very unusual for a rookie who is about to debut to have a solo entertainment program on a terrestrial channel. This indicates the local hot expectations and interest in “HYBE’s first Japanese group.”


“&TEAM Academy” raised the expectations of Japanese fans by showcasing the unique characters of the nine members on its official website. Although their personalities, taste, and backgrounds are all different, the members, who are united with their strong teamwork, are expected to open the door to fans’ hearts with a chemistry and entertainment sense that is perfect for entertainment.

In the first episode, &TEAM will visit the Korean HYBE office building. &TEAM will tell the secret of HYBE’s symbol, their “Powerful Performance,” and challenge an eating show at the company cafeteria.


In addition, viewers of “&AUDITION – The Howling” will get to see a place of new memories.

&TEAM is a global group based in Japan and will reportedly release their debut album “First Howling: ME” on December 7th. The concept photos of the debut album will be released one after another on Nov 11th and 12th.

Source: daum

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