BLACKPINK Lisa’s visual doubled in a girly ruffled dress, making millions of fans fall in love with the new style

No more sexy, today BLACKPINK’s Lisa is sweet and cute like a girl next door.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been bold and daring these days, with a series of revealing outfits showing off her eye-catching body that makes people blush. Yet on March 2nd, she suddenly changed to a feminine and strangely sweet style.

On her personal page, the “international sister” made fans excited when she turned into a “girl next door”, having fun on a picnic with friends in her homeland Thailand. The female idol wears a girly floral dress, with light and pretty makeup, creating a feminine and extremely lovely appearance. Her face in real life is as beautiful and sharp as a living doll and the cute expressions of BLACKPINK’s maknae make everyone smile.

Up to 8 million netizens have reacted to the post and shared it non-stop. It seems like it’s been a long time since Lisa had the opportunity to visit her hometown and enjoy the fun with friends and family, so she looked very happy.

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