JooE directly mentioned MOMOLAND’s “copied handwritten letters” controversy 

Former MOMOLAND JooE repeatedly expressed her frustration regarding the negative comments surround her group’s disbandment. 

On February 20th, JooE posted a screenshot of a netizen’s comment regarding MOMOLAND’s recent handwritten letter controversy and wrote, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you many things because I got used to silence. I’ll try to show you better performances gradually.Thank you very much.”

In the captured image, a netizen sarcastically commented on JooE’s handwritten letter about MOMOLAND’s disbandment, saying, “It’s so obvious that you only wrote this because your agency told you to write it.” 


In response, JooE showed her intention to prevent misunderstandings by answering, “We wrote it concisely to refrain from controversy and other meanings as much as possible, and we are sincere while writing it for our fans. Thank you.” 

Previously, JooE also dismissed accusations that the handwritten letters of MOMOLAND are insincere copies of each other, saying, “The meaning and depth of what us 6 members want to convey to the fans is the same, so our letters written together after discussion.” 


Back on February 14th, 6 MOMOLAND members published handwritten letters after the announcement of their group’s disband. However, the contents of these letters were almost exactly the same except for the members’ name, and traces of correction tape being used was also spotted. 

As a result, netizens accused the members of being insincere in their last greetings as MOMOLAND and buried them in criticisms. Some even went as far as to leave scathing comments under the members’ SNS posts or sending them harsh direct messages. 


Adding to this, when JooE appeared on JTBC’s “Second World”, she shed tears, fully conscious of the negative gaze towards her. Similarly, she is also aware of the controversy and gossip that arose in the process of MOMOLAND’s disbandment. 

At the time, JooE revealed her mental burden over rumors and misunderstandings surrounding MOMOLAND, saying, “I think I’ll be able to do well without trembling if I think that I’ll get (positive) attention from the public and that MOMOLAND will also get better.” . 

JooE is trying to convey her sincerity by responding to malicious comments mixed with ridicule. However, as distorted interpretations and unnecessary controversies continue even with the female idol’s explanation, the sadness of fans only grows.

Source: Daum 

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