A woman pretended to be a bereaved mother of the Itaewon disaster, sobbing and shaking hands with Jung Woo Sung

With the release of the list of victims from the Itaewon disaster, a woman who pretended to be the bereaved family was caught acting and sobbing shamelessly in front of actor Jung Woo Sung, prompting netizens to speak up.

On Nov 15th, Yongsan Police Station announced that it had booked A, a woman in her 50s who impersonated the bereaved families of the Itaewon disaster in the Samgak area, and B, her son in his 10s, on charges of fraud.

According to the police, A and her son are suspected of impersonating the bereaved family to receive clothes, cash, and meals at the memorial space for the Itaewon Station disaster, claiming that “My son died in the disaster.”

jung woo sung

They were exposed for lying when the civic media Dandelion and The Investigator released the list of victims from the disaster the previous day.

In addition, the scene in which the mother and her child pretended to be from the bereaved families and acted in tears in front of actor Jung Woo Sung was found in the video of a YouTuber, further shocking netizens.

jung woo sung

On Nov 10th, Jung Woo Sung visited the memorial space at Itaewon Station and expressed his condolences to the victims. Someone suddenly shouted to Jung, who was about to leave the scene after paying his tribute, “I’m a bereaved family, so please shake my hand once.”

Then, A stood in front of actor Jung and sobbed loudly while B sat down, sobbed and held actor Jung’s hand. Jung patted B without saying anything, and the scene was broadcast live by a YouTuber.

jung woo sung

Netizens are furious after seeing the scene, commenting, “This is beyond my imagination,” “They just killed the bereaved families twice,” and “They are definitely devils, only devils do that.”

Meanwhile, a police official said, “The mother and child admitted most of the charges during the investigation,” adding, “We have returned them home first because they did not benefit much from what they did.”

Source: Dispatch

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