Lee Na Young is returning with a new acting project… When will her husband Won Bin make a comeback?

Fans are raising hopes for Won Bin to follow his wife’s steps and break the silence of his long acting hiatus.

Lee Na Young has been filming the Wavve series “Park Ha Kyung’s Travel Journal (working title)” since October last year.  Starring Lee Na Young, “Park Ha Kyung’s Travel Journal” is a drama about the journey of Park Ha Kyung, an ordinary Korean language teacher who puts aside her busy life and spends every Saturday going on a one-day trip to enjoy walking, eating, and meeting people all over the country to gain comfort and sympathy. Lee Na Young, who will appear as the main character Park Ha Kyung, will give magical healing from her trips to viewers. Drama fans are raising high expectations for Lee Na Young’s performance as she is returning to the small or big screens for the first time after a long time since tvN’s 2019 drama “Romance Is a Bonus Book”.

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As Lee Na Young recently announced her drama comeback after 4 years, attention is naturally focused on whether her husband Won Bin, who has been taking a long rest from acting activities for more than a decade, will also return to the small screen.

Since the release of the movie “The Man from Nowhere” in 2010, Won Bin has not announced any acting projects. The actor did receive offers to star in various works, such as “Along with the Gods”, “Train to Busan”, “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls”, etc., but he refused them all because of several reasons, such as he felt burdensome doing that genre or the characters did not suit him. Reports on Won Bin’s appearances in dramas and movies have continued only as rumors for more than 10 years. Regarding this, netizens reacted, “He’s an actor, so why isn’t he carrying out any acting activities?”, “Young generations nowadays don’t even know who Won Bin is”, etc.

Won Bin Lee Young Ae

Particularly, the fact that Won Bin’s comeback is attracting attention for a long time is partly because he continues to show his face in advertisements while taking a break from acting activities. Under the pressure, his next films were turned down after careful consideration. 

In addition, Lee Na-young, who took a few years off from work to get married and take care of her children, returned after marrying Won Bin through ‘Beautiful Days’ and ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’. Therefore, it is inevitable that there are comments saying that Won Bin’s modeling activities and stopping acting are somewhat regrettable.

Irreplaceable appearance is Wonbin’s strong point. Is it too greedy that the public wants a work of Won Bin as an actor rather than an advertising model? Now is the time to show the public the ‘cautious’ acting skills Won Bin has accumulated over the past 13 years.

Source: Naver

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