10 months after filing for a divorce, Hwang Jung-eum got back with her husband and gave birth to their second child 

Actress Hwang Jung-eum will continue her happy life by giving birth to her second child after reuniting with her husband.

Hwang Jung-eum
Hwang Jung-eum (Photo = provided by her agency)

Hwang Jung-eum’s agency C-Jes Entertainment announced on March 16th that she gave birth to her second child, adding, “Both the mother and the child are currently in good health.

Previously, Hwang Jung-eum and her husband Lee Young-don reportedly broke up in September last year. The actress’s agency said, “Hwang Jung-eum filed for a divorce,” adding, “We will try to make a smooth divorce.”

Hwang Jung-eum had been posting her sweet daily life with her husband on social media until three months before the announcement of her divorce. For this reason, netizens expressed regret over the news of the sudden parting of the two.

However, after 10 months, the two decided to continue their relationship again. Hwang Jung-eum’s agency said, “The couple decided to continue their relationship again after having a conversation to understand each other’s differences during the divorce settlement.” The actress then announced her second pregnancy and received congratulations from fans.

Hwang Jung-eum
Photo = Hwang Jung-eum

Hwang Jung-eum delivered the news of her second pregnancy after reuniting with her husband and is receiving congratulations and support from fans. She is also sharing her happy daily life through SNS.

Hwang Jung-eum and Lee Young-don, a former professional golfer, got married in 2016 and gave birth to a son in August of the following year.

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung-eum, who debuted as a member of girl group Suga in 2002, has been active as an actress dramas such as MBC’s “High Kick Through the Roof,” SBS’s “Giant,” MBC’s “Listen To My Heart,” “Golden Time,” “Kill Me Heal Me,” SBS’s “The Undateables,” JTBC’s “Mystic Pop-up Bar,” and KBS2’s “Men are Men.”

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