New Jeans wrote a new history of K-pop again by entering Spotify chart

NewJeans gained news achievement with ‘Attention’

With the first debut song, NewJeans recently entered the US Spotify weekly chart. An official from the music industry said, “It is very unusual that they are achieving dazzling results on the US Spotify chart even though they have never made an official debut in the US music market and have not carried out extensive promotions. It is a representative example that shows that we have been recognized proudly in the US, the music market.”

According to Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform, NewJeans’ debut song ‘Attention’ entered the 200th place on the ‘Weekly Top Song USA’ chart, a weekly US chart released on September 8 (local time). NewJeans is the first K-pop group to enter this chart thanks to the debut song. NewJeans recorded a total of 1,62,963 streams in one week.

Previously, New Jeans entered the 183rd spot on the ‘Daily Top Song USA’ chart, a daily US Spotify chart on September 3rd. New Jeans is the first K-pop girl group to be on this chart with their debut song. In addition, New Jeans ranked 181st on the ‘Daily Top Song USA’ chart on September 6, up two places. New Jeans raised the status of K-pop by listing their names on the ‘Daily Top Song USA’ chart for three days.

In addition, NewJeans has more than 100 million streams of songs from its debut album “New Jeans” on the 6th. This is the achievement made 36 days after the album was released. The number of monthly listeners on Spotify also exceeded 8.61 million (as of September 10), the highest number of listeners among the fourth-generation girl groups.

NewJeans’ power was also strong on the worldwide Spotify weekly charts. NewJeans’ title song ‘Attention’ entered the weekly charts in 17 regions, ‘Hype Boy’ in 14 regions, and ‘Cookie’ entered the weekly charts in 6 regions, demonstrating their strong influence.

Moreover, ‘Attention’ of NewJeans achieved the feat of entering #36 on Spotify’s representative playlist ‘Today’s Top Hits’ (hereinafter referred to as TTH).

Before that, the only K-pop artists that entered the list were BTS and Blackpink. NewJeans proudly entered the playlist of ‘TTH’ with their debut song, gaining attention as a global artist standing shoulder to shoulder with BTS and Blackpink. An official from the music industry said, “Attention, which has entered the TTH playlist, is expected to receive more attention and love through word of mouth,” and predicted, “Through this, Newsz will take a new position as a global artist that the world is paying attention to.”

Meanwhile, NewJeans is the first girl group to be introduced by ADOR, led by CEO Min Hee-jin. On the 28th of last month, they finished their debut activities with the stage of SBS ‘Inkigayo’. 

Source: daum

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