Taeyeon appeared on Dingo Music’s “Killing Voice”… The return of an irreplaceable “vocal queen”

Girls' Generation Taeyeon showed off her aspect as a "vocal queen".

Dingo Music released a video of Taeyeon‘s “Killing Voice” on its official YouTube channel at 7 PM on Feb 22nd.

In the video, Taeyeon shared her thoughts, “I’m happy to be here as a fan who loves ‘Killing Voice’ so much. I think I’m going to watch mine over and over again.”

Taeyeon presented a lot of hit songs through an enchanting live that melted the eardrums, including “I (Feat. Verbal Jint)”, “Rain”, “11:11”, “Blue”, “Time Lapse”, “Happy”, “Weekend”, “Spark”, “What Do I Call You”, “All About You”, “If”, “Four Seasons”, “Gravity”, “INVU”, “U R”.

In particular, before singing the last song, Taeyeon introduced, “It’s a song you’ve been wanting to hear live.” Afterwards, she performed “Drawing Our Moments”, drawing explosive responses from fans.

Killing Voice” is a set list directly selected by artists themselves. It is a content where you can enjoy live performances of the “voices” that “kill” everyone.

Earlier, artists of various genres such as IU, MAMAMOO, Sung Si-kyung, Kyuhyun, Big Mama, Lee Hi and Highlight appeared and received enthusiastic support from music fans. In particular, IU recorded 38 million views, while MAMAMOO and Sung Si-kyung are also proving their content power by surpassing 32 million views and 25 million views, respectively.

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