Jungkook’s cousin rumored to participate in HYBE’s new survival show

Let’s take a look at the beauty of the girl rumored to be BTS Jungkook’s cousin and attend I-LAND season 2.

I-LAND – the survival show of Belift Lab (a subsidiary of HYBE) – has ended season 1 and the winning boy group ENHYPEN is currently active with a large number of fans.  After the success of the first season, HYBE is preparing to produce I-LAND Season 2 with the female version.

ENHYPEN – winners of the first season of I-LAND

There is not much information about season 2 of I-LAND yet, but recently, the online community has spread rumors that a trainee said to be Jungkook’s cousin will participate in this survival show. Specifically, she is Jung Hayoung, born in 2003. Previously, there were also rumors that she passed the audition of Belift Lab in June 2020, after which she deleted her Instagram.

Jung Hayoung
  Close-up of Jung Hayoung’s beauty
  This girl is said to be Jungkook’s cousin
Jung Hayoung
  Many fans commented that Hayoung somewhat resembles her rumored cousin, Jungkook
Jung Hayoung
  Her youthful beauty
Jung Hayoung
Jung Hayoung
 With her visuals, Hayoung is expected to gather much attention if she really competes in I-LAND Season 2.
Jung Hayoung
 However, the information related to Hayoung has not been confirmed

Although all are just rumors, netizens think that Hayoung being Jungkook’s cousin is both an advantage and disadvantage. It may even lead to controversies, just like the case of Huening Bahiyyih, TXT Huening Kai‘s sister

  • She’ll benefit if she’s really Jungkook’s cousin.
  • She is going to debut if it is the truth.
  • Is it a similar case to TXT Huening Kai’s?
  • It’s not certain that Jungkook’s cousin will get a lot of votes from BTS fans, right?
  • Looking at the picture, I can see that she fits the Korean beauty standards.
  • If this girl has no talent, she will be criticized a lot.  Having a famous relative is both beneficial and detrimental.
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