One month after marriage, Kevin Oh reveals his newlywed life with Gong Hyo Jin

Kevin Oh, Gong Hyo Jin’s husband, actively showed love for his wife.

On November 19th, YouTube channel GQ Korea released a video featuring singer Kevin Oh, who recently got married to Gong Hyo Jin

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In the released video, Kevin Oh was introducing his belongings. He introduced the brand of the bag he usually carries and said, “It is an upcycling company that my wife worked with in the past. It can carry a lot of things and is strong. Isn’t it a bit like art?”. 

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Kevin Oh also introduced his lyric writing notes. He talked about the song “Dawn” written by Gong Hyo Jin and said, “I like the chorus the most. The lyrics in the part, “For a long time, you will be me and I will be you” is really good. It is simple, but contains a lot of emotions.”

He also showed off his cell phone. Kevin Oh said, “The wallpaper are ‘Oh Hyo’ (Kevin Oh + Gong Hyo Jin) characters. It is a wedding logo made by my nephew.”

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In the wallpaper of Kevin Oh’s cell phone, a black-haired character representing Kevin Oh is wearing a bow tie, and a character representing Gong Hyo Jin is wearing a ribbon over her bangs and long hair.

Kevin Oh aroused envy by mentioning his newlywed life with Gong Hyo Jin, saying, “I rest at home, eat, and play games with my wife.”

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Netizens commented, “The song ‘Dawn’ is perfect to listen to when falling asleep,” “Seeing Kevin Oh use eco-bags and upcycling products, I guess that’s why matches well with Gong Hyo Jin, who cares about the environment. They must have similar beliefs and interests,” Be happy with Gongvely. You two get along well”,…

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Meanwhile, Kevin Oh released his first full-length album “Pieces of_” on November 15th. In particular, the song “Dawn” in the album drew great attention as his wife, Gong Hyo Jin, wrote the lyrics herself.

Source: Daum.

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