Outrageous K-drama detail: Female lead drugged while best friend slept with her husband

“Woman in a Veil” generates great shock value in the first few episodes of its airing. 

“Woman in a Veil” is a recently aired drama series that is generating controversy after controversy due to the tragedy of the female lead. The series follows Gyeo UI, daughter-in-law of a chaebol family who is  suffering from her unhappy marriage. Her husband’s family looks down on her and her husband is having an affair. More saddening, it is Gyeo UI’s best friend, Joo Ae Ra, who seduces her husband. Ae Ra has always been jealous of Gyeo UI’s life, and therefore sets out a plan to replace her, starting with being the secretary to Gyeo UI’s husband, Nam Yoo Jin. 


Ae Ra goes to a greater length when she follows Gyeo UI and her husband on their vacation. She even prepares a drink spiked with sleeping pill for Gyeo Ul to drink. At the couple’s hotel room, Ae Ra appears out of the blue and forces herself upon Yoo Jin. Upon knowing that Gyeo Ul is deep asleep, Yoo Jin is willing to commit to the act and the two share intimate time together right beside his drugged wife.


Ae Ra’s motive has never been more appalling. She only does this because she cannot bear the thoughts of seeing anyone more happy than she is. Viewers reportedly were tired of Ae Ra and her behaviors. “Woman in a Veil” spans across a run of a whopping 100 episodes, therefore, the audience suspects the subsequent ones will also be about relationship affairs and possibly revenge. 

Source: k14

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