Starting with 9 members, this girl group to make a comeback as a quartet after 4 years of disbandment 

A girl group that started with nine members and ended with only four is making a comeback 4 years after disbandment.

According to JTBC Entertainment News, girl group Nine Muses will be reuniting. The announcement was based on an exclusive interview with an insider in the Korean music industry, who revealed that the group is planning to make a comeback this summer.

nine muse

Nine Muses has been aiming to make a comeback this summer. After discussing it among themselves while doing individual activities, the members have come to a consensus and decided to work on a comeback,” the insider said.

The insider added that Nine Muses will start with a unit group consisting of members Kyungri, Hyemi, Sojin, and Keumjo, which is set to release a new track in May. 

The full group is then expected to make a comeback in July or August. However, the insider clarified that the final member lineup is still under discussion.

Nine Muses made their debut in 2010 as a nine-member group, known for their tall physiques averaging over 170 cm, earning them the nickname “Model Idols.” 

Their striking visuals and strong performances quickly captured the hearts of fans. Nine Muses also made appearances on various variety shows, showcasing their excellent entertainment skills.

nine muse

However, Nine Muses faced multiple setbacks during their activities, including member changes and departures. Despite debuting with nine members, the group eventually downsized to a quartet, and in February 2019, they officially disbanded.

The last four members who remained active until the end of the group were Kyungri, Hyemi, Sojin, and Keumjo.

News of Nine Muses’ comeback has been warmly welcomed by fans, who are excited to see the group return to the music scene once again.

Source: Wikitree

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