Season 2 of “Money Heist: Korea” unveiled new characters and new secrets 

There are a lot of noticeable details in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” season 2, from new characters to new plotlines. 

Many viewers of the Korean adaptation of “Money Heist” agreed that the 2nd part of the series brought more to the table than its first half. So, what’s new about this 2nd season?

New characters, new plotlines, new secrets 

  • New character Seoul, the Professor and Berlin

In this 2nd season, Lim Ji Yeon assumed the role of Seoul, while Berlin and the Professor were revealed to be biological brothers. 

money heist korea
Berlin and the Professor turns out to be biological brothers 

In particular, the two’s family were trying to escape overseas, but only the Professor and the father made it. Meanwhile, their mother was shot dead, and Berlin was sent to prison, where he experienced hellish days. 

As he grew up, Berlin became the leader of a group of mercenaries, and brought his comrades, one of which is Seoul, into his brother’s plan. 

At the same time, the 2nd season also revealed the truth behind the Professor’s plan. He has his own ideal, and money was not his sole purpose, adding depth to his character. 

Lim Ji yeon money heist korea
The new character Seoul is played by actress Lim Ji Yeon 
  • The traitor and true villain who has a dark scheme 

In the 2nd season, the villain of “Money Heist: Korea” has started to come to light. On the other hand, the heist team becomes “the heroes”, who were ready to unveil the fake words of politicians, who are rotten inside. 

However, a traitor emerged and hindered the heroes, but it was revealed that this traitor was forced to betray the team. Most of the audience ended up not hating this character at all, and is in fact, angry about the sweet facade of the “real robbers”. 

New loveline that doesn’t dampen the the story 

money heist korea
The loveline between Seon Woo Jin and the Professor played an important part 

As revealed in the 1st season, the Professor has a romance with investigator Seon Woo Jin (Kim Yoon Jin). Now, this romance is being portrayed in a deeper manner. In addition, the love line of Denver (Kim Ji Hoon) and Yoon Mi Sun (Lee Joo Bin) also added “spice” to the show, and attracted a lot of attention. 

At the same time, other elements such as team bond and familial love are also beautifully portrayed, especially against losses. 

Despite “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” being an action-crime-thriller project, it managed to balance between the schemes, the action sequence, and the love line, giving audiences a comfortable experience. 

money heist korea
Season 2 of “Money Heist: Korea” are said to be way more gripping compared to the 1st season

There’s also a thrilling battle between law enforcement and the heist team, where each side got their own triumph cards and winning moments, taking away the breath of views. 

Outstanding acting performances 

Of course, the Korean version of “Money Heist” can’t surpass the original series, but it has its own charms, and fans of the original franchise won’t be disappointed. 

money heist korea
Park Hae Soo pulled off his character Berlin with excellence 

In addition to season 2’s more intriguing plot, the acting performances of its actors have greatly improved the series as a whole. 

First, there’s Park Hae Soo in the role of Berlin, who already delivered an excellent portrayal in season 1, only to take things further in the 2nd season. The actor simply transforms completely into his character, who boasts a rough and cold facade, but is actually empathetic, clever, and noble.

Kim Yoon jin money heist korea
Actress Kim Yoon Jin is the best choice for the role of Seon Woo Jin

On the other hand, Kim Yoon Jin also made a deep impression as Seon Woo Jin, who discovered a horrifying secret in this second season. In particular, her character grew more complicated after it was revealed that the man he loved was the very criminal she wanted to catch. There are all emotions extremely challenging to pull off, and yet, Kim Yoon Jin did not fail expectations. 

The 2nd half of “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” has been released in full on streaming platform Netflix. 

Source: k14, Photo: Netflix

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