Not generating much buzz on SNS, but these 3 April K-dramas are well worth the watch 

You should not miss out on these underhyped ongoing K-dramas. 

Released at the same time as more attention-grabbing dramas like Our Blues and Tomorrow, the three series below have not been able to generate much buzz on social media platforms, but they are totally worth watching.

1. My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes depicts the boring and monotonous adulthood of three siblings living in the suburbs who commute to Seoul every day to make a living. The series has a quiet rhythm that viewers who like excitement and conflicts may feel rather sleepy watching it. However, if you are an introvert and in favor of characters with depth, My Liberation Notes is perfect for you.

Kim Ji won

As the work that marks the return of Kim Ji Won, My Liberation Notes, although not so popular on social networks, is highly appreciated for its plot and acting. From its color grading, setting, and characters’ lines, to the storytelling, everything feels complete and perfect.

My liberation notes

2. Again My Life

Again My Life is a fantasy, action, and detective drama that revolves around Kim Hee Woo (Lee Jun Ki), a talented and cunning prosecutor. During the investigation of a corrupt politician, Kim Hee Woo was suddenly killed by a mysterious man and then reincarnated and embarked on a journey of revenge.

Lee joon ki

Despite starring Lee Jun Ki, unfortunately, Again My Life has not received much attention from the audience as expected, but it is still a compelling drama that is worth watching.

Lee joon ki

3. It’s Beautiful Now

Its beautiful now

It’s Beautiful Now is a KBS2’s weekend family drama with extremely high ratings, but it is not famous on social networks among international viewers. The drama does not center on any big or serious topics but is simply a story about a three-generation family with different viewpoints on married life. All the three grandsons of the Lee family have no intention of getting married, because of this, grandfather Lee has announced that he will give an apartment to his grandson who brings home a girlfriend within the next 6 months. Funny and heartwarming, It’s Beautiful Now is perfect to enjoy during family gatherings at the weekend. 

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