BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Lisa showed their jealousy after watching Jisoo’s kiss scene with Jung Hae In

BLACKPINK definitely supports Jisoo’s drama, but they are not very happy with their member’s kiss scene.   

Recently, 4 members of BLACKPINK have appeared together on a VLIVE+ to communicate with their fans. One of the most exciting topics that the girls talked about was the drama “Snowdrop” starring their member Jisoo.


One fan asked whether Lisa has seen Jisoo’s kiss scene yet. Many seem to be curious about the members’ reactions after seeing Jisoo’s romantic scenes with the male lead Jung Hae In. Seeing this question, Lisa pretended to be upset, saying, “Of course I have! I have watched it!” Seeing the youngest member’s reaction, Jisoo could only smile it away.

lisa jisoo

Lisa even proved herself as a true fan of “Snowdrop” by imitating the role of Young Ro’s dad in the series. Even though Jisoo was kinda shocked at first at Lisa’s jokes, she immediately played along by calling Lisa dad”.

lisa jisoo

As for Jennie, when the girls were talking about the drama, she suddenly turned to Jisoo and said with a sulky voice, “To be honest, when I saw that video, I felt jealous. In your interview, he said he knew you really well and that he’s a BLINK. I obviously know you better. That’s why I was a bit jealous.” Jisoo then laughed at Jennie’s adorable remark and comforted her, “You know me better”.

jennie jisoo

Earlier, BLACKPINK members all showed support for their big sister Jisoo in her first K-drama female lead role despite the controversy over alleged historical distortion Snowdrop was suffering from. Fans are relieved Jisoo always has the support of her fellow members. Meanwhile, Jung Hae In should be a bit “cautious” because BLACKPINK members are already jealous of him.

Jung Hae In, watch out for BLACKPINK! 
Jung Hae In, watch out for BLACKPINK! 

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