This celebrity has just received a “Gold Button” for his Youtube surpassing 1 million subscribers, “I don’t need to earn money from Youtube”

Singer-actor Kim Hyun-joong delivered his thanks after receiving the Youtube “Gold Play Button”.

Kim Hyun-joong

On January 27th, Kim Hyun-joong posted a photo of a “Silver Button”, which is given to Youtube accounts with 100,000 subscribers, and a “Gold Button”, which is given to Youtubers with more than 1 million subscribers. In the caption, he wrote, “From Silver Button to Gold Button… I want to say thank you to my fans and subscribers who have shown a lot of interest in my channel.”

Kim Hyun-joong

He added, “I started doing Youtube later than everybody else to keep up with the modern time… I haven’t set the direction, and I’m just having fun filming videos. But if I keep doing things I’m doing right now, I may reach a goal one day, right?”

Kim Hyun-joong

Then, he confessed, “I want to be a person who introduces good music and good people through Youtube. I told you this in my video, right? I don’t have to make money through doing Youtube. I will just introduce to you many great music and people.”

Kim Hyun-joong is presenting various content, such as “Music in Korea”, which shows him performing live with his band at tourist attractions in Korea, “Room for Music and Healing” with talks about various topics, daily vlogs in “Every day”, etc., through his Youtube channel “KIM HYUN JOONG.official


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