Netizens are showing explosive reactions after seeing Red Velvet’s Irene turning down the reporters’ requests with a frown

Red Velvet’s leader Irene is drawing attention as she was seen firmly responding to the reporters’ requests.   

On the afternoon of Jan 27th, the “11th Gaon Chart Music Awards” was held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul. The Red Velvet members  attended the red carpet event in white outfits and masks.

On the red carpet, the members were briefly shaken by reporters’ requests to take off their masks. Leader Irene then expressed that it was not possible by making an X with her hands.

red velvet irene

When other members were confused by the continued requests, Irene explained something to the members herself. Upon hearing Irene’s words, Seulgi and Wendy also make an X with their hands and asked for understanding from the reporters.

Afterward, Irene looked at the staff with a serious look when they talked about wearing a mask outside the stage.

In the end, Irene, who was stunned for a while when she was requested to take off her mask, soon took off her mask, smiled and posed.

On the same day, the captures of the mentioned video were shared on Nate pann, drawing keen attention. The owner of the post said, “They took it off because it was a mess there, but I don’t think Red Velvet was feeling okay. Isn’t the problem is at the reporters who asked Red Velvet to take off their masks at such a sensitive time?”

Other netizens also praised Irene by leaving comments such as “It’s a good thing that we have such strong Irene,” “There’s a reason why Irene is the leader,” “There was a tested positive case at a recent awards ceremony which led to all singers who appeared being tested, why would they request the girls to take off their masks?” “Irene is not being stubborn here, she is being smart,” and, “I think the company told the girls not to, why are they making such a fuss over this.”

red velvet irene

Below are videos from the red carpet event on Jan 27th.


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