MOMOLAND’s Nancy boasts divine visuals with red hair in new viral fancam

Fans are in love with Nancy’s alluring visuals during this comeback of MOMOLAND! 

On January 14, MOMOLAND released the single “Yummy Yummy Love” featuring female singer Dominica Natti Natasha. This marks MOMOLAND’s comeback after nearly a year since Wrap Me In Plastic.

In the music show performances, Nancy is the member who attracts the most attention for her stunning appearance with red hair. Her fancam at Music Bank on January 14 also went viral on SNS. 

Having a face that is labeled one of the greatest visuals in Kpop, Nancy proves her on-stage charisma is no joke. After losing weight, the female idol looks even more gorgeous, earning countless compliments from netizens. 

nancy yummy yummy love
Nancy draws attention on MOMOLAND’s comeback stage
nancy yummy yummy love
Nancy also dances well 
nancy yummy yummy love
Her visuals stun netizens 
Nancy’s sexy hair stroke
nancy yummy yummy love
Netizens can’t stop watching Nancy’s fancam
nancy yummy yummy love
Nancy’s excellent ending fairy moment at Music Core on January 15

Some comments:

  • Nancy flipped her hair and I fainted 
  • After losing weight, she is getting prettier 
  • I think Nancy is the most beautiful female Kpop idol 
  • Korea’s best mixed-race visual is always Nancy.
nancy yummy yummy love
Nancy’s face card never declines 

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