“Lovesick Girls”- JP Ver debut #1 on the QQ Music Korean this week

Great achievement for a Japanese version MV of BLACKPINK – the most talented girl groups in the 3rd generation K-pop idols.

The MV was posted on July 13, and so far has reached more than 10 million views on Youtube. “Lovesick Girls” (Japanese version) has topped the chart posted by QQ Music Korean (one of the biggest music platforms in China) this week.

blackpink 75928 scaled 1
BLACKPINK got #1 on the QQ Music Korean this week
BLACKPINK – Lovesick Girls (JP Ver) MV

The chart includes popular and high-quality songs in Korea, reflecting the popularity of songs heard by QQ Music users.

Even though it’s only a Japanese version, this song is still able to achieve such a big impact in a fastidious music market like China. This has proved the great influence of 4 talented girls from YG Entertainment.

At the moment, YG is busy preparing for Lisa‘s solo debut and BLACKPINK‘s spectacular comeback on the occasion of the group’s 5th anniversary in the second half of this year.

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