Han Ga In got angry at her client on “Day Without Hands”, “What if Yeon Jung Hoon did that? I’m mad just by imagining it”

Actress Han Ga In was flustered when her client confessed that he used his annual leave without his wife knowing.

On JTBC’s entertainment program “Day Without Hands”, which aired on the evening of December 23rd, the MCs visited a client who suffered from a “can lease”. Their client is a 31-year-old couple who are raising 4-year-old twins. 

Day without hands

Han Ga In asked the husband, “Have you ever come home late with the excuse of working overtime or having a company dinner?”. Shin Dong Yeop drew laughter as he kept signaling the husband not to say anything.

However, the husband surprised his wife and Han Ga In when he confessed, “I’ve never pretended to work overtime, but I actually said I was going to work then used my annual leave. On the day I used my annual leave, I did what I wanted to do. I went to karaoke, went to the game room, or exercised.”

Day without hands

Shin Dong Yeop tried to defend the husband, saying “It’s like a white lie that you make to do something for yourself before you were burned out. He might have gone to karaoke and cried while singing”. However, Han Ga In gave a cold smile and said, “You have to wrap this up somehow”. 

Day without hands

Shin Dong Yeop then asked Han Ga In, “What if Yeon Jung Hoon also cried while singing alone in the karaoke room on the day he had no filming schedule?”. 

Han Ga In reacted “Are you crazy?” then immediately went speechless. She continued, “Did my face turn red?”, adding “I’m mad just by imagining it”, making everyone laugh.

Source: Daum

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