Son Ye-jin’s wedding hair and makeup is also a hot topic: “I tried to bring out the bride’s personality.”

Everything joined in to make Son Ye-jin’s natural beauty stood out even more.  

With Son Ye-jin ringing the wedding march with Hyun Bin on the 31st of last month, Son Ye-jin’s wedding hair and makeup tips, which helped her shine brightly on a day that she should be the most beautiful in the world, were unveiled. 

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Son Ye-jin‘s hair and makeup was handled by Jenny House, which had been in a close relationship with her for more than a decade. According to Jenny House, Son Ye-jin’s wedding hair and makeup focused on expressing Son Ye-jin’s beautiful personality in the most natural way and not just any standardized wedding hair and makeup, for her most beautifully shining day. 

Jenny House director Mujin, who was in charge of Son’s makeup, said, “I wanted to keep a pure and elegant wedding feeling. We expressed a subtle glass-like glow with a clean base that emphasizes her skin texture, and to emphasize her fresh and natural eyes, we used orange and pink tones to make her eyes look more lovely and shiny than usual.” 

In addition, it is rumored that director Koo Mi-jung of Jenny House, who was in charge of Son Ye-jin’s hair, emphasized the baby hair on her faceline cut to make her face look smaller and younger, before finishing her wedding hair with a vintage mood, natural middlebun hairstyle.

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