The reason why BTS Jimin is called “the Real-time Trending Beast”

BTS Jimin has now gained a new nickname. Since his song will appear on music charts and he’ll be trending on SNS at the end of each performance, he is now called the “RealTimeTrendingBeast”.

On October 21st, BTS finished their North America – Europe tour in Paris, France.. However, even after the performance ends, Jimin has been mentioned on top of the trending list in Paris, France, Germany, and Berlin.

Before the Paris concert, no one would think Jimin’s name is going to make it to the top spot of the real-time trend. He also ranked first and second in real-time trends in Paris and Berlin until Friday, which helped him realize his own explosive popularity.

On March 24th and 25th, right after his return to Korea, Jimin’s name remained at the top of the real-time trend with 1.51 million reaches.
Even in Naver, “BTS Jimin” has emerged as a search term for “real-time trend.” Throughout the tour, the fans responded to the “RealTimeTrendingBeast”: “Our Jimin is alive!” and “Jimin is a real-time trendsetter.”

BTS Jimin, the founder of “RealTimeTredingBeast” that showed off his unique charms across the country and around the world in each concert is committed to his next tour of Japan amid continued interest and love from fans around the world.

Meanwhile, BTS’ “LOVE YOURSELF” world tour will continue in Japanese Dome concert in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka starting next month.

Sources: segye

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