Seo Ye Ji and her family argued with a neighbor about a parking issue, their apology is said to be not sincere enough

Recently, a netizen posted an article about the conflict between him and Seo Ye Ji’s family last year.

mr a

Specifically, Mr. A said that in May 2021, he and Seo Ye Ji‘s family had a dispute over a parking issue.

“Seo Ye Ji’s parents arbitrarily installed a pet fence outside the stairs, affecting the neighbors. During the controversy, her father even pushed me. Seo Ye Ji also came to her parents’ house about 3 times a week and parked indiscriminately, affecting other people’s paths. We have had to endure them for 4 years.”

Seo Ye-ji

A said, “At first, when I asked ‘Are you Seo Ye Ji?’, she denied, but after a while she brought in a lawyer. I talked about the things that had accumulated over the past 4 years and finally received an apology.” However, Mr. A doubted the sincerity of the apology because Seo Ye Ji said that her parents would move and asked “You’re not going to post on the Internet, are you?”.

Seo Ye Ji and her family argued with a neighbor about a parking issue
Seo Ye-ji

Seo Ye Ji‘s agency explained to SBS Entertainment News: “We think there is a misunderstanding here. After receiving objections from the neighbors, Seo Ye Ji’s family apologized wholeheartedly. We don’t know how to talk about this because sincerity is what people feel. Then her family moved. The matter has been resolved satisfactorily.”

Seo Ye-ji

Currently, Seo Ye Ji is preparing to return to the small screen with a new drama titled Eve after more than a year of absence for the scandal of manipulating ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, suspected school bullying and academic cheating.

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