9 donation angels of the Korean showbiz (ft. Yoona, Yoo Jae Suk, Hyun Bin, and more)

Not only impressing the audiences with their performances, but many Korean stars also receive love from global fans thanks to their nice personality. 

Lee Young Ae

Lee Young Ae is named “Korean’s treasure” because she has helped promote Korean culture to foreign countries. With her beauty and personality, she has always been a good image for young people to follow. The female actress has constantly been donating ever since she debuted, drawing admiration from netizens. Not stopping in Korea, Lee Young Ae recently delivered a donation of 100 million won to people in Ukraine with a letter expressing her sympathy and hope for peace to be brought back to this country.

9 donation angels of the Korean showbiz

Yoo Jae Suk

“The Nation’s MC” Yoo Jae Suk is famous not only for his hosting skill but also for his good deeds and contributions to Korean society. Apart from the regular donations, Yoo Jae Suk also provided medical funds for children in poor families who are coping with illnesses. He also demanded sharing his appearance fee with other colleagues in the same show with him. In particular, Yoo Jae Suk once helped a woman and her child who got stuck in a crowd. He’s really a perfect star.

9 donation angels of the Korean showbiz


The “goddess” Yoona can sing, dance and is also a great actress. Moreover, she has also been enthusiastic about doing social work ever since her debut. Not only donating, Yoona also cares about education, employment, food safety, and other fields. With her good deeds, she not only received compliments from fans and the public but also got recognized by the President. In fact, Yoona said that she wants to deliver positive energy to everyone and inspire people as a public figure.

9 donation angels of the Korean showbiz

Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin is not only known for her top-notch visual and impressive acting skills but also her beautiful heart. In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak in Korea, Son Ye Jin immediately thought of her hometown Daegu and delivered a donation of 100 million won to help medical staff and poor families. 

9 donation angels of the Korean showbiz

Hyun Bin

Son Ye Jin’s husband is also praised as a star who has a good image. Hyun Bin has always been famous as a gentleman and he always left good impressions on everyone he worked with. Even after being discharged from the military, Hyun Bin still spent time doing substitute military training every year. Moreover, he is also a warmhearted person who has secretly contributed a lot to society. During the hard times due to Covid-10, the actor made several donations and sent letters to fans to encourage them. In particular, Hyun Bin is a person who loves to do small things which can bring strength to other people.

9 donation angels of the Korean showbiz

Lee Hyo Ri

Lee Hyo Ri has been so famous for her luxurious beauty and “sexy” image when performing on stage. In daily life, she is actually a simple and friendly person. Lee Hyo Ri especially loves animals and she once saved an abandoned dog and raised it for more than 10 years. After getting married and withdrawing from the entertainment industry, she is often seen visiting shelters for abandoned animals to take care of the dogs there. In addition, Lee Hyo Ri is also known as a “donation fairy” as she has constantly donated to people in need. In particular, she once helped over 3000 unemployed people overcome their difficult times.

9 donation angels of the Korean showbiz

Park Bo Gum

Handsome actor Park Bo Gum not only owns an outstanding visual with a bright and warm smile but also has a beautiful heart. The actor grew up in an average family so he had tried really hard to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. That’s why he always wants to give inspiration and motivation to everyone. After becoming a popular actor, Park Bo-gum has secretly done regular donations. He had constantly participated in a volunteer program at a child center for 7 years until he enlisted in the military.

9 donation angels of the Korean showbiz

Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin had spent a long time fighting against a serious health problem, so after recovering, he immediately wanted to contribute more to society. The male actor participated in the documentary “Humanimal”, which tells about the life of animals in the world, as a narrator. He personally donated to organizations that help children who are coping with the health problem that he had. In addition, he has made many donations to provide help support for vulnerable people.

9 donation angels of the Korean showbiz

Shin Min Ah

Like her boyfriend, Shin Min Ah has been doing volunteering and donating secretly for many years. She has helped lots of people regarding their ages and situations, from patients to old people, children, refugees, etc. It is estimated that Shin Min Ah has so far donated an overall amount of 2.6 billion won. Not only beautiful but also kind and warmhearted, she is truly a perfect goddess.

9 donation angels of the Korean showbiz

The audiences not only look at artists’ works but also their images and behaviors. Celebrities who have great personalities will always receive admiration and love from fans.

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