Jin says BTS’s upcoming concert is going to be a financial loss + Netizens have mixed reactions 

BTS’s Jin always keeps it real. 

On February 16, Big Hit officially announced the time and date of BTS‘s in-person concert in Korea. After a long delay due to the pandemic and BTS members infected with the virus, the group’s long-awaited concert in Korea is finally happening. 

BTS concert
Fans are thrilled for BTS’s first offline concert in Korea after 2 years

BTS will hold a three-day concert in Seoul on March 10, 11 and 13 at the Olympic Stadium. Following the government’s restrictions, the upcoming concert will have a smaller scale, as the number of seats in the stadium has to be limited, and fans have the option of attending in person or online.

Jin recently opened up something about BTS’s concert in Korea 

Amid the fandom’s excitement, recently, in a live broadcast, BTS’s oldest member Jin revealed that the upcoming concert in Korea is going to be close to a financial loss. 

“First of all, I am very happy. We saw what ARMYs went through for the concert like ticketing and things like that. Everyone seems excited and happy that we are finally holding a concert in Korea.

This is probably something we shouldn’t say but the truth is that the upcoming concert (in Seoul) will almost certainly be at a loss financially. But even so, I still feel good. Doing rehearsals and looking forward to meeting ARMYs. All the concert schedules make me very happy. As long as ARMYs are happy, even if we face losses or get worn out, I just want to tell you that I’m happy,”

Jin shared

BTS concert
BTS concerts always sold out every seat 

Korean netizens are having mixed reactions to what Jin said. Some doubt BTS‘s concert will not gain profit, considering their huge popularity. BTS‘s first concert in Korea after two years will certainly attract many fans. Moreover, although the number of offline attendees are limited, there are still online streaming tickets being sold. 


However, the problem is, holding a concert while not being allowed to sell the tickets in full seats can result in a financial loss, because renting a large venue like the Olympic Stadium is extremely expensive. Not to mention, the costs on concert equipment, staff and other resources are times the money earned from selling tickets. Additional online tickets most likely cannot cover this loss. So what Jin says totally makes sense. 

Some netizens’ comments:

  • Honestly, he’s being realistic. They want to see ARMYs in Korea so much that they are having this concert despite the loss. In the latest live, the members also explained that the concert in Seoul was previously canceled due to social distancing.
  • BTS previously rented this stadium and the concert was canceled. I’m thankful they’re still doing this. 
  • Thank you Bangtan for doing the concert
  • He shouldn’t have said this 
  • It’s like he’s manipulating his fans so they feel grateful 
  • They even said that if it can’t be held at Jamsil Stadium, they’ll find another place. I will support Bangtan for the rest of my life.
  • ARMYs are touched because BTS is holding this concert even though they know it would be a loss, but why do so many other group’s fans feel sorry for us?
  • So the company is lying to the members? The concert is broadcasting online and they’re selling merchandise too but he said it’s gonna be a loss? I don’t think so. 
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