“Donation Angel” Shin Min-ah donated 300 million won to help vulnerable children suffering from COVID-19, drawing applause from netizens

Not only her face but her heart is also so beautiful. She’s actress Shin Min-ah.

News1 reported on the 29th of last month that actress Shin Min-ah had donated 300 million won to aid vulnerable children suffering from the pandemic situation.

According to their reports, Shin Min-ah recently donated 100 million won to provide aids, such as psychotherapy, to vulnerable children who are suffering from COVID-19 via the Korean Association to Support Children’s Development. In 2021, she also donated 100 million won to a Burn Foundation and another 100 million won to Asan Hospital in Seoul.

Shin Min-ah donated 300 million won

Shin Min-ah has been well-known as a representative “donation angel” in the entertainment industry as she has been doing good deeds consistently. She is particularly interested in supporting children, so she has been donating 100 million years every year to burn patients and vulnerable people since 2015. Moreover, she has also supported children at Asan Hospital in Seoul with an annual donation of 100 million won since 2018.

Shin Min-ah donated 300 million won

Thanks to Shin Min-ah’s donation, more than 100 burn patients were aided. Moreover, she once paid 100 million won to help rebuild schools in Nepal that were collapsed in an earthquake.

In the broadcast of KBS2’s entertainment show “Entertainment Weekly” aired in October last year, Shin Min-ah’s cumulative donation was reported to have exceeded 2.6 billion won, drawing admiration from everyone. The actress was also awarded the Presidential Commendation for her contribution.

Shin Min-ah donated 300 million won

Meanwhile, Shin Min-ah has gained huge popularity and is in the heyday of her acting career. She attracted attention from netizens after showing passionate performances in tvN’s drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, which ended in October last year.

Shin Min-ah donated 300 million won

In addition, the news of Shin Min-ah participating in screenwriter Noh Hee-kyung’s new drama “Our Blues” together with actor Kim Woo-bin, who she is dating publicly, also raised the viewers’ high expectations. Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin have been dating since 2015.


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