Korean media accused China of ripping off Squid Game’s tracksuit but got ashamed after knowing the truth

Chinese star Wu Jing is dragged into the plagiarism controversy by wearing a green tracksuit similar to the costume from the Netflix hit Squid Game. 

The influence of the survival series Squid Game has spread throughout Asia, including China. However, some Korean viewers have recently accused a famous Chinese actor of copying the signature costume worn by the players in Squid Game, sparking great controversy online.

Squid Game Wu Jing
Was Squid Game’s costume plagiarized by a Chinese actor?

Specifically, the green tracksuit that actor Wu Jing wore in a movie is suspected of “ripping off” the Korean hit survival series Squid Game. The similarity caused a stir among netizens. Even a Korean college professor with over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram spoke up about this in a post on his personal account. The professor expressed his indignation when the picture of Lee Jung Jae wearing the green tracksuit in Squid Game is used on the listings of a Chinese online shopping platform. He even claimed that Chinese actor Wu Jing had plagiarized Squid Game’s iconic costume.

Squid Game Wu Jing
Pictures of the two actors wearing similar green tracksuits were used as samples by sellers on a Chinese online shopping platform
Squid Game Wu Jing
A Korean professor publicly accused China of ripping off Squid Game
Squid Game Wu Jing
Another Korean professor made the same statement in an interview at the university 

But the truth is that Wu Jing did not copy Squid Game’s costume. The movie in which the Chinese actor wore the green tracksuit is Song Of Youth released in 2019. That means Wu Jing wore this tracksuit 2 years before Squid Game’s male lead Lee Jung Jae, so it doesn’t make any sense to accuse the Chinese actor of being a copycat.  Perhaps because he realized the truth, the Korean professor later deleted his post. In addition, the tracksuit is inherently an extremely common type of sportswear, not only in Korea or China but also in many other countries. So regardless of the fact that who wore it first, there can’t be any “plagiarism” going on here!

Squid Game Wu Jing
The movie starring Wu Jing was released 2 years ago
This type of tracksuit is also common in everyday life
Some fans even jokingly edited Wu Jing into Squid Game… 

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