Actress sisters with opposite images: “My Dearest” Lee Da-in VS “7 Escape” Lee Yoo-bi

‘Star sisters’ Lee Da-in and Lee Yoo-bi are arousing keen attention with their contrasting acting styles in dramas

Lee Da-in recently completed MBC’s “My Dearest Part 1” and will be back with Part 2 in October, while Lee Yoo-bi is starring in SBS’s ongoing drama “7 Escape”. “My Dearest” wrapped up Part 1 with the highest viewer rating of 12.2%. “7 Escape” also started off well with 6% in episode 1 and rose to 7.7% after airing 4 episodes. 

lee da in lee yoo bi

Coincidentally, both actresses, who are biological sisters, are showing up on the small screen in different works nearly at the same time. What attracts viewers even more is that they are portraying two characters with opposite images.

“My Dearest” Lee Da-in

Lee Da-in appears in “My Dearest” as Kyung Eun-ae, Nam Yeon-joon (Lee Hak-joo)’s fiancée and Yoo Gil-chae’s closest friend. Kyung Eun-ae is a smart woman who always looks on the bright side of the world. When the war breaks out, she proves herself as a person with unbreakable strength even in tragedies. Since this is a historical drama about a painful era in the past, its characters are required to be deeply portrayed.

lee da in my dearest

Lee Da-in led the drama with a calm voice that went well with her elegant appearance and innocent vibe. The actress perfectly digested the historical drama genre with her clear pronunciation and low-tone voice. In the scene where Kyung Eun-ae almost got scared by the Qing barbarians who accidentally encountered her when she was escaping, Lee Da-in successfully performed strong emotions, such as bursting into tears and anger in extreme fear. Above all, Lee Da-in impressed viewers by excellently presenting Kyung Eun-ae’s strong friendship with Yoo Gil-chae and subtle romance with Yeon-joon, receiving favorable reviews that the character suited her very well. The production team of “My Dearest” also praised Lee Da-in’s deep acting skills, from her filming attitude to her voice tone, expressions, and appearance.

lee da in my dearest

“My Dearest” is Lee Da-in’s comeback work after three years since SBS’s “Alice” (2020). Lee Da-in is finally showcasing her true value as an actress beyond the titles “Kyeon Mi-ri’s daughter” and “Lee Yoo-bi’s younger sister”. 

“7 Escape” Lee Yoo-bi

Lee Yoo-bi transformed into high school star Han Mo-ne in “7 Escape”. As an aspiring idol, Han Mo-ne draws attention with her outstanding visual, fancy charms, and excellent dancing and singing skills. However, Mo-ne is depicted as a villain who is dangerous and vicious enough to make actor Uhm Ki-joon pick as the “best villain” at the drama’s press conference. Mo-ne gives birth to a child in the school’s art room and commits an unbelievable misdeed, such as putting the blame on another student Bang Da-mi (Jung Ra-el).

the escape of the seven

Previously, Lee Yoo-bi played a deep romance as a cute woman dressing as a man Yang-sun in her representative work “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” (2015) and portrayed the mean but irresistible girl Ruby in “Yumi’s Cells” (2022). However, in “7 Escape”, she turns into a perfect villain, making the viewers forget about her old images. Mo-ne approaches Da-mi with an innocent and kind face like an angel but later makes a creepy smile when asking, “Shall we become friends?”.  The actress also expressed detailed emotions, such as fear and anxiety when worrying that her lies would be revealed. Due to her impressive performance, viewers are considering “7 Escape” as a “rediscovery of Lee Yoo-bi”.

the escape of the seven

“7 Escape” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. “My Dearest Part 2” will be released a month later, on October 13th, and also airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 p.m. Both dramas, which boast tremendous popularity, will eventually meet at the same broadcasting time. Attention is focused on the comparison of the sisters’ acting performances with two completely different roles.

Source: Nate

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