BLACKPINK Rosé’s constantly supports LGBTQ+ community? Even face lesbian rumors?

Several actions of BLACKPINK Rosé make fans believe that the female idol is showing constant support for LGBTQ+ community.  

On February 11th, BLACKPINK Rosé dropped her cover of Stephen Sanchez’s “Until I Found You” as a gift for fans in celebration of her 26th birthday.

Park Taemin rosé

Within a day of release, the cover video has reached close to 3 million views on YouTube. However, alongside Rosé’s excellent vocals, fans also pay attention to one detail. In particular, they believe that Rosé is once again showing her support for the LGBTQ+ community, and has done the same various times in the past.

Keeping the same lyrics 

It is known that Stephen Sanchez composed “Until I Found You” as a symbol of his love for a girlfriend. In the chorus, he sang, “I Would never fall in love again, until I found her” and “I was lost within the darkness, but then I found her”. 

Then, when she covered the song, Rosé kept the original lyrics, instead of changing “her” to “him”. The part where Rosé emphasized the word “found her” moved the hearts of many fans, who believed that Rosé is indirectly showing her support for lesbians – an integral part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Changing the lyrics in “Eyes Closed”

In addition to “Until I Found You”, Rosé once changed the genders when performing Halsey’s “Eyes Close” at the 2018 Japan Arena Tour. In particular, when singing, “Now if I keep my eyes closed, he looks just like you”, Rosé sang “Now if I keep my eyes closed, she looks just like you”, causing her performance to go viral on SNS soon after. 

Openly hold the LGBTQ+ flag on stage 

During the performance of “Stay” at the 2019 BLACKPINK concert in Manila, Philippines, a fan threw on stage a “rainbow flag” – a symbol for the LGBTQ+ community. Seeing the flag, Rosé did not hesitate to pick it up, wave the flag, and even proudly show it to fellow member Lisa. 

blackpink rose

In addition, during the send off for Manila’s concert, a female fan showed Rosé a teddy bear and added that she received the gift from her girlfriend on their first date. Hearing this, Rosé immediately asked where the girlfriend was, and even called the lesbian couple “cute”. She also asked to return the teddy bear to the couple, but the fan insisted, resulting in Rosé taking the gift and constantly saying her thanks. 


Rumored lesbian relationship with idol-actor Suzy

It is known that Rosé once faced dating rumors with a fellow Kpop idol – though not a male one. In particular, in 2020, “dating evidence” and “lovestagram” of Rosé and Suzy became a hot topic across various Korean forums, raising rumors of a lesbian relationship between Suzy and Rosé.

Suzy Rose
Suzy and Rosé used the same caption “Let’s be happy” on their Instagrams in August 2019. 
Suzy Rose
Images of the two female idols raise suspicions that they flew on the same plane to Paris 
Suzy Rose
The two are also suspected of checking in at the same location 

Then, in 2022, this “dating rumor” arose again when alleged “couple items” between Suzy and Rosé were discovered. 

Suzy Rose
Suzy Rose
An alleged “couple necklace” of Rosé and Suzy 

Of course, this was only a rumor, and fans of the two female idols insisted that the “evidences” are only coincidences”. In addition, their “couple items” may just be sponsored accessories from luxury brands. 

Source: k14

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