A streamer explained that she was complimenting BLACKPINK Ji Soo’s visual after calling her “face wallpaper”

An Afreeca TV female streamer is drawing criticism for making offensive remarks against BLACKPINK’s Ji Soo.

Streamer Kukeung was seen practicing dancing with her fellow Internet streamers in an early morning broadcast on Dec 27th.

BJ Kyaeb

During the stream, they decided whose part they would play as BLACKPINK members. Streamer Kukeung then said to the streamer who was in charge of Ji Soo‘s part, “She’s a perfect match for you. Ji Soo is a face wallpaper.”

BJ Kukeung may have meant that her friend’s visual is suitable to be Ji Soo, but netizens raised their voices, saying that the expression “face wall paper” was too much.

BJ Kyaeb
BJ Kyaeb

Netizens who saw the scene shared their thoughts on the online community “FM Korea,” saying, “She is the master of rude remarks,” “This is enough to know how she is in real life,” “How can a dancer say such a thing,” “No matter if it was just an online stream, how can she say that on live like that,” “Why do you do that to Jisoo?” and “This is why people should talk pretty.”

BJ Kyaeb

Earlier, streamer Kukeung was doing an outdoor stream with her fellow streamers when a security guard of the mall asked her to stop filming, saying she had not received permission to film. She is then criticized for implying that the security guard was following her because he wanted to take her photos.

Blackpink jisoo

Later, as the controversy regarding Ji Soo spread, BJ Kukeung apologized for her actions and said, “The remarks I made related to BLACKPINK Ji Soo were meant to praise her appearance, not disparaging. I apologize to the viewers, BLACKPINK Ji Soo, and BLACKPINK fans who must have felt uncomfortable because of my bad word choice.”

Source: Wikitree

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