Jimin is no doubt BTS’ king of making killing parts!

It seems like every time BTS comeback, Jimin is always the factor that create a buzz with his parts in the songs.

Recently, BTS has coming back with the hit “IDOL”. It’s not difficult for public to realize that in this comeback, Jimin dominates the killing parts. In a song, killing part is the most important moment, it can be a line in the song, the high notes or even the key-point dance moves,… This is also the reason that makes you keep watching a MV or replay a song continuously. Back to “IDOL”, Jimin’s excellent performance has made the fans completely mesmerized.

In fact, not until “IDOL” fans fall over heels for Jimin, but in many of the previous songs, the boy had also created a lot of killing parts. To be specific, Jimin earned himself the name of “311” by the fans during “Fire” promotions and “424” for “Not Today”. All of these numbers refer to his dance breaks in those songs: the most impressive dance moves appear at 3 minutes 33 seconds and 4 minutes 24 seconds.

Jimin’s famous “Gun, Aim, Fire” part in “Not Today”.

As for “Fire”, Jimin is just perfect for the center.
Before “IDOL”, Jimin also made a killing part in “Fake Love”.

Not only in the music video, but on the stage, Jimin’s part was also praised for being extremely captivating. Even the fans joked that Jimin was not the chosen for the killing part but that the killing part itself chose him. In the most normal parts of the songs, if Jimin is responsible for that part then it will become more impressive and unforgettable.

Jimin’s iconic dance moves.
Every moment of Jimin can be considered as killing part of the song, it is even the part that attracts fans the most.

Souces: k14

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