Is this how G-Dragon hide his relationship from open view? 

Past interviews further strengthen netizens’ belief that G-Dragon is dating. 

G-Dragon is wrapped up in another dating rumor this year. In 2021 and 2022, the rapper was caught in a dating controversy with Jennie (BLACKPINK). On the morning of January 10th, he is said to be dating the niece of the Shinsegae chaebol family. Netizens believed they have caught clues that could prove the claim, especially with a clip of G-Dragon hanging out with his friend group. 

G-Dragon and his friend group, including Daesung and Jiwon, at the latest “Street Man Fighter” 

In a recorded clip, G-Dragon and his friend group attended “Street Man Fighter” to support YGX. He was seen wearing a mask and sat in the audience stand. At the time, the rapper was believed to have appeared in an Instagram post of a mysterious woman whom netizens said to be a niece of the famous chaebol family Shinsegae. The man in her photo had the same tattoo at the exact place as that of G-Dragon. 

The photo of the hand that the woman shared had the same tattoo as that of G-Dragon 
He was present for the performing stages and his supposed girlfriend was rumored to be the niece of Shinsegae conglomerate 

Amidst the circulated rumors, netizens dug up G-Dragon’s old statement that revealed his “dating trick.” Specifically, to avoid being recognized while on a date, he would go with his friend group. The woman in question was also said to hang out with the rapper’s friend group. 

G-Dragon and his friend group 
G-Dragon elle
Fans are guessing if he is really dating 

Source: K14

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