Fans of Seo Soo Jin terrorized the victim’s SNS with malicious comments due to their idol’s withdrawal from (G)-IDLE

After the withdrawal of Soo Jin (real name Seo Soo Jin) from (G)I-DLE, Soo Jin’s fans are flooding the victim’s SNS with malicious comments.

Soojin G-IDLE

On August 14, various online communities posted articles titledSeo Soo Jin’s fans are terrorizing the victim’s sister’s Instagram.”

In the article, a captured photo of the SNS account of A, who exposed Soo Jin’s suspicion of “school violence”, was included.

It seemed like the international fans of Soo Jin had sent DMs to A with photos expressing their hatred towards A. What’s more shocking was that on A’s SNS, fans left hateful comments with swear words, such as “If I saw you on the street, I wouldn’t let you go”, “I’m wishing for your losing your loved one and die in regret.”

In reaction to the chaos caused by Soo Jin’s fans, netizens commented, “Why are you doing this to the victim?”, “I can’t hold this anymore… Who did the wrong thing actually?”, “You guys are protecting the bully… I don’t get it”, “Her fans are amazingly crazy…”

Soojin G-IDLE

Earlier in February, A commented on a post related to school violence, saying, “Finally, it’s time for (G)I-DLE Soo Jin’s school violence to be exposed. People all over the world should know about the truth.”. A added, “She called my brother and his friends to the bathroom and made them slap each other.”

Moreover, A’s brother posted on A’s Instagram the evidence for Soo Jin’s ‘extorting money and uniform’ and ‘smoking, drinking alcohol and driving motorbike with friends’

Meanwhile, CUBE announced Soo Jin’s withdrawal from (G)I-DLE, 6 months after the controversies over school violence broke out.


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