After the Olympics athletes, Aespa was critized for ‘following feminism’

Winter (Aespa) just accidentally used a common slang word but was criticized and insulted by many men.

Recently, a part of Korean men has repeatedly made unreasonable attacks on female celebrities because of controversies surrounding feminism. Aespa is being attacked by a series of negative comments just because of a statement by Winter.

After the Olympics athletes, Aespa was critized for 'following feminism'

During the live broadcast, Winter told fans, “Everyone, please listen to ‘Forever’ a lot.”. Winter is reminding fans to listen to Aespa’s song ‘Forever’, but some men are angry because the female idol uses the slang word “Oh-jo-oh-eok” which means “500 trillion” or “a lot”. The word itself does not have a negative connotation. But recently, many women used this slang in forums when sharing negative feelings towards men. On forums, feminists are leaving comments attacking SM‘s girl group. They claim that Winter knew the phrase was controversial but still deliberately used it to demean men.

After the Olympics athletes, Aespa was critized for 'following feminism'

After the incident, netizens expressed anger at the unreasonable actions of a part of Korean men:

  • [+471, -9] They’re being cancelled by the entire world for acting like this yet they’re still going at it…? Seriously they must be the only ones who aren’t aware they’re freaking pigsㅜ
  •  [+361, -7]Those hannam losers are getting sworn at by the entire world, and they still haven’t woken upㅋㅋ Do they want the whole world to learn this and get beaten up again this bad? Do they not know embarrassment…
  • [+312, -12] Ah f*ck who do they think they are? Winter is jjang 
  •  [+212, -0] They don’t give a sh*t when male idols use OJOE or it’s because they’re scared of their fandom, meanwhile they think that female idols are the easy targetㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
  • [+201, -1] They pretend nothing happened when BTS and Seventeen were using that word giving them a pass, but they’re flipping their sh*t over female idols using it. They’re such losersㅋㅋ.. 
  • [+180, -0] When Bangtan uses it, they’re aborting! But a female idol using it? What a r*tarded b*tchㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Freaking losersㅜ

In June, male community sites also accused Yuna (Brave Girls) of being a feminist after hearing the female idol use the phrase “Oh-jo-oh-eok” in a game.

After the Olympics athletes, Aespa was critized for 'following feminism'

In Korea, a part of men oppose feminism and have negative actions towards female celebrities.  Recently, they reported a post on Instastory of Lee Chae Yeon (former IZ*ONE member) for using a feminism-support symbol.  These men also attack An San, an athlete who has just won 3 Olympic gold medals, for having short hair.


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