Further analysis of “The Glory”, the purpose of the shaman’s house is…

Recently, a post titled [“The Glory” Shaman House Season 2 Speculation] was posted on online communities and social media. In this post, a netizen wrote about their speculations surrounding the shaman’s house  depicted in several scenes of “The Glory” season 1.

the glory

In particular, the aforementioned netizen mentioned that there were always many young women in the shaman’s house described in “The Glory”.All of these women believe that the shaman there can solve fundamental problems.

Afterwards, in the conversations that these women had after finishing their business at the shaman’s house in the restaurant, they always talked about seeing fortune tellers and finding their matches.

the glory

Based on these scenes, netizens came up with speculations saying that the shaman’s house seems to be a place where sponsors are arranged.  In fact, they believed that this is where brokers and shamans can earn money without facing punishment by arranging expeditionary prostitution.

Minho Taurus, a YouTuber specializing in reviews, also made a video of a brain teaser with similar content and uploaded it to YouTube. Minho Taurus reasoned that Park Yeon-jin’s mother must have made a lot of money by arranging high-ranking prostitution in partnership with the police at the shaman’s house.

the glory
the glory

The secret of the shaman’s house, which was not finally revealed in Part 1 of “The Glory,” is expected to be revealed in Part 2. Part 2 is scheduled to be released in March.

“The Glory” is a story about a woman whose soul was broken by violence in her childhood, who carefully prepared her whole life for her revenge and those who fell into the vortex.

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