Hyuna and Dawn’s “proposal of the century” and marriage announcement after their romantic relationship of 6 years

The couple directly announced the news of their marriage as a public proposal after 6 years of public dating

Hyun-ah and Dawn, the official couple in the music industry,  directly announced the news of their marriage as a public proposal after 6 years of public dating. Domestic and foreign fans are surprised but celebrate the short and bold announcement, which is different from the response of other celebrities who have kept silent until just before marriage or left handwritten letters on fan cafes.

Dawn posted a short video post on his Instagram on the 3rd holding Hyun-ah’s hand tightly while wearing a couple ring with the caption “MARRY ME.” Hyun-ah also posted the same video on her Instagram and said, “Of course, yes”. “Thank you and I’m always grateful,” she said in response to the proposal.

In fact, rumors of the two’s marriage already arose last year. It was revealed that Hyun-ah caught the bride’s flower bouquet at the wedding of a stylist who is close to her, raising the possibility of her marriage. Appearing on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope” together with Dawn, Hyun-ah confessed, “My mom likes Dawn very much. Dawn also had a long conversation with my father”. In addition, their wedding rumor received more attention as the two once took pictures together while wearing a unique all-white dress and suit, giving off a wedding photoshoot atmosphere.

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Hyun-ah and Dawn started dating in 2016 and publicized their romantic relationship in 2018. Although the two, who have been dating for 6 years, got kicked out of CUBE Entertainment due to the rise of their romantic relationship rumors, they received public support for how they boldly and honestly showed off their affectionate love for each other. Then, the couple moved to PNation, an agency created by Psy.

Not only have the two been working hard as solo artists in their perspective positions, but they also gathered together recently as a duo and made a collaboration, drawing keen attention. They gained huge love when carrying out promotional activities for the duo song “1+1=1” in September last year.

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