While Cha Eun-woo is working hard for the group, Rocky gives copyright fees to his girlfriend and boasts about his romance

ASTRO, which is seeing rises in popularity thanks to its members’ hard work, but Rocky’s dating might have disappointed fans.

Cha Eun Woo and Moon Bin are often recognized as members who helped increase the popularity of boy group ASTRO. In fact, the influence of Cha Eun Woo is a crucial part in getting ASTRO;s name to the general public. 


Moreover, just as Cha Eun Woo worked hard and became known as a “face genius”. Other members of ASTRO also dedicated their all to the group. For instance, in addition to his reversal charm of an innocent face and sexy body, Moonbin was active in dance and entertainment, while the youngest member, Sanha, also started to stand out as part of the Moonbin & Sanha’s unit. MJ also challenged the realm of trot, boasting a fresh charm of an “idol trot debut”.

ASTRO, which was once regarded solely as “the group of Cha Eun Woo”, has now made a name for themselves and gained popularity both domestically and internationally. Solo fan meetings and concerts began to sell out, while the groups’ album sales constantly increased as the size of the fandom improved. 

However, member Rocky’s “dating issue”, or to be more precise, how he shows his romantic affections, might be a hindrance for ASTRO’s growth.

In particular, Rocky was recently caught up in suspicions of dating with actress Park Bo-yeon. Park Bo-yeon is a rookie actress and is currently appearing in the SBS drama “Cheer Up” as the first love of the male lead, who is played by Bae In-hyuk.

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Along with eyewitness accounts of the two dating, there was also a story that Park Bo Yeon went to watch a musical in which Rocky appeared several times. At this time, many fans knew about Rocky’s love affair, but they wanted to bury it because he has been keeping things quiet.

However, fans’ disappointment and rage grew out of control when they found out the fact that Rocky listed Park Bo-yeon as a co-lyricist for his own song to receive copyright fees.

Rocky and Seori wrote the lyrics for Rocky’s solo song “S#1”, which was released in ASTRO’s 3rd full album “Drive to the Starry Road” in May.

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Seori is Park Bo-yeon’s stage name. If you go on the website of KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association), you will be able to find the two names Park Bo-yeon and Seori sharing the same code. This means these two names are used by the same person. In addition, Park Bo-yeon even does the narration in the song.

It actually doesn’t matter whether Park Bo-yeon really wrote the lyrics or not, what fans felt most disappointed about is that Rocky cheated on them. They’ve repeatedly played the song without knowing that there is the voice of their favorite singer’s girlfriend in it and parts of the copyright fees from their hard-working streaming would become the girlfriend’s income. 

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Rocky also sent a coffee truck to the filming set of “Cheer Up” to support Park Bo-yeon. The coffee truck provides cupholders with the message “Bo-yeon ah, I love you” and shows a video from the web drama “Find Me If You Can”, which marks the two’s first meeting, in repeat. Park Bo-yeon also posted a proof shot of the coffee truck and commented, “I upload this video because it’s so funny, but once again, thank you for giving such a huge gift to a small person like me. I’ll do well. I love you”.


Why are they making their romantic relationship so obvious? In the dating rumors this time, Park Bo-yeon’s side drew a line by calling them “good colleagues”. However, Rocky’s agency confirmed the two’s relationship, saying “They’re taking steps to get to know each other little by little with good feelings”. Because of this confirmation, fans are even more upset and angry.

Dating is their freedom. Idols are not AIs, fans really don’t care much about them dating. However, there is still a line between idols and fans. The moment idols’ romantic relationships are revealed, the gap between idols and fans will be widen.

Of course, Rocky’s love affair does not have a big impact on ASTRO’s activities. However, fans’ disappointment and frustration with Rocky cannot be reversed.

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