“I’ll do my best. I love you”… Park Bo-yeon was touched by the coffee truck sent by her idol boyfriend, ASTRO Rocky

The fact that Rocky, a member of boy group ASTRO, once sent a coffee truck to actress Park Bo-yeon’s filming set has become a hot topic among netizens.

The story of Rocky sending Park Bo-yeon a coffee truck before acknowledging their romantic relationship spread to various online communities, such as theqoo, and attracted keen attention from Internet users. 

Rocky recently sent a coffee truck to the filming set of Park Bo-yeon’s drama “Cheer Up” to show his affection for the actress. 

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In particular, there was the message “Bo-yeon ah, I love you” on the cup holders provided by the coffee truck sent by Rocky. On the banner of the coffee truck, the male idol also left a cheering message, saying “Bo-yeon ah, drink coffee full of love and keep up the good work!”.

Park Bo-yeon later said on her Instagram, “Thank you for giving such a huge gift to a small person like me. I want to express my gratitude once again. I will do well. I love you”. Along with this caption, the actress also posted a picture of herself acting like she was crying because of the touching gift. 


In response, netizens on theqoo commented, “Since you’re making this so obvious, why don’t you just admit to the dating rumors?”, “This can’t be a romance hint, they’re dating openly”, “Fans must have held it in for a long time”, “I think fans already knew the two’s relationship but they hid it”, etc.

Earlier on October 31st, rumors of a romantic relationship between Rocky and Park Bo-yeon broke out. While Rocky’s side confirmed the dating rumor, saying “the two are taking steps to get to know each other”, Park Bo-yeon’s agency denied it, insisting that the two are “just good colleagues”.

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According to the statement released by Rocky’s agency Fantagio, the two became close after working together in the web drama “Find Me If You Can”. From being colleagues, they later developed good feelings for each other. 

As the two sides expressed different stances on the dating rumors, fans are very confused. Currently, Park Bo-yeon’s company has not expressed any additional position on this issue. 

Source: Wikitree

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