Shortly after Park Bo-yeon’s side denied dating rumors, Rocky’s agency confirmed the two’s romantic relationship 

ASTRO’s agency announced their position on Rocky and actress Park Bo-yeon’s dating rumors.

Fantagio released an official statement on October 31st, saying “Rocky and actress Park Bo-yeon are getting to know each other little by little with good feelings”.

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Rocky and Park Bo-yeon formed a relationship after starring in Youtube web drama “Find Me If You Can” together last year. Rocky played Choi Jeong-sang, while Park Bo-yeon appeared as Shim Soon-jung.

ASTRO’s agency explained, “Park Bo-yeon likes writing. Later, she naturally participated in Rocky’s music production and became close to each other”, adding “While being colleagues, they recently developed good feelings for each other”.

astro rocky park bo yeon dating

Lastly, they said, “We’re sorry for announcing news like this during the national mourning period, the time when we should share the sadness and comfort”, adding “We hope you can generously understand our delay in releasing a position announcement”.

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Rumors of a romantic relationship between Rocky and Park Bo-yeon spread online earlier on the same day. Fans pointed out that Park Bo-yeon went to watch the musical “The Three Musketeers”, in which Rocky is acting passionately as D’Artagnan, on October 30th.

astro rocky park bo yeon dating

Park Bo-yeon was also found to be listed as a co-writer in the credit of Rocky’s solo song, which was released in ASTRO’s 5th full album. Many netizens also claimed that the two have been sharing many ‘Lovestagram’ moments.

Source: dispatch

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