“Knowing Bros” Kim Nam Hee “JYP audition, it finished in 5 seconds”

Kim Nam Hee revealed his relationship with JYP Entertainment.

On JTBC’s “Knowing Bros“, which aired on Jan 7th, actors Kim Do Hyun, Kim Nam Hee and Park Ji Hyun of the drama “Reborn Rich” appeared as guests.

Kim Nam Hee said, “There was a time when I decided to audition everywhere. I wanted to gain a lot of audition experience. At that time, I also took part in JYP’s actor audition. It’s actually an audition for singers, dancers and actors. I applied because there was an ‘actor’ part.

'Knowing Bros' Kim Nam-hee

He continued, “They told me to come to the audition, so I went to JYP’s office building. But there was a line all the way to the main street. Everyone from kindergarteners to young people in their 20s danced, so I wondered if I should audition here. I was the only middle-aged man. However, as I came so far, I waited a few hours to enter the audition hall.

'Knowing Bros' Kim Nam-hee

Kim Nam Hee confessed, “Then my turn came. Seeing me, a middle-aged man, the judges were surprised and asked, ‘What are you going to do?’ I replied, ‘I’m going to try acting.’ They said, ‘Please try it.’ I started my lines, but it finished in 5 seconds.

Kim Nam Hee added, “I knew this wasn’t a place for me from the beginning.

Source: Daum

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