Everyone was shocked to know the ‘hourly price’ of the rented flight BLACKPINK Jennie showed on SNS

BLACKPINK recently flew to Thailand by private jet. Its price surprised everyone.

On the 7th, BLACKPINK Jennie said, “Asia tour starts. Go for it! First city Bangkok”, conveying BLACKPINK‘s schedule. Dressed in black from head to toe, Jennie sat down on a private plane and started flying in a comfortable position. It can be seen that BLACKPINK is so popular that they go on the Asian tour on a private plane.

Blackpink Jennie

According to Dailydsports’ report on the 8th, the charter plane Jenny used was the ‘Lineage 1000’, a high-end business jet from the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer ‘Embraer’. 

The chartered plane can carry up to 18 passengers and is also said to have a TV and bedroom.

Also, the major customers of the chartered plane are high-value wealthy people and celebrities, and the amount of money used is reported to be at least about 20 million won per hour. The purchase cost is estimated to be about 50 million dollars (about 63 billion won).


Jennie arrived at the Gimpo Business Aviation Center in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the 9th after completing the BLACKPINK Asia Tour in Bangkok, Thailand, from the 7th to the 8th.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK released the album ‘Born Pink’ in September last year and is currently on a world tour. The music video for the 2nd regular album ‘Pink Venom’, which was released on the official YouTube channel in August, reached 500 million views on the 10th.

Source: naver

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