Netizens discover the past appearances of Shin Ye Eun, Go Yoon Jung and Park Ji Hyun as “Campus Pretty Girls”

It turned out that Shin Ye Eun, Go Yoon Jung, and Park Ji Hyun, who are active on the small screen, used to be cover models for Univ Tomorrow.

Netizens on various online communities recently raised topics to re-examine the past of rising actresses, such as Shin Ye Eun, Go Yoon Jung and Park Ji Hyun. In fact, the three were former cover models for Univ Tomorrow.

Shin Ye-eun

First, Shin Ye Eun was a Year 16 student in Performing Arts at Sungkyunkwan University and she appeared on the 840th issue of Univ Tomorrow as a cover model. Shin Ye Eun is drawing keen attention with her portrayal of young Park Yeon Jin (adult character played by Lim Ji Yeon) in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.

Go Yoon Jung

Go Yoon Jung is also a former cover model for Univ Tomorrow. The actress, who graduated from Seoul Woman’s University majoring in Contemporary Art, decorated the cover of issue No.771. Go Yoon Jung is currently starring in tvN’s Sat-Sun drama “Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow” as Jin Bu Yeon, who is living with the soul of Naksu. Showing off her mature side and melodramatic acting, the actress impresses viewers with her amazing chemistry with actor Lee Jae Wook, who plays Jang Wook.

Park Ji-hyun

Park Ji Hyun, who recently left a deep impression on drama fans with her performance in JTBC’s Fri-Sat-Sun hit drama “Reborn Rich”, was also an Univ Tomorrow’s cover model. She studied Spanish Language at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and made her appearance on the cover of Univ Tomorrow’s issue No.714. Perfectly pulling off “Reborn Rich” Mo Hyun Min, an ambitious character who actively moves forward to reach her goals, Park Ji Hyun caught the eyes of viewers and received favorable reviews. 

Source: Naver

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