Han Ga In’s natural beauty certified on “Days Without Hands”, “She didn’t change at all. I can prove it”

The owner of a tteokbokki restaurant on “Days Without Hands” confirmed that Han Ga In owns a natural beauty.

JTBC’s entertainment program “Day Without Hands” aired its 6th episode – ‘Life is Beautiful’ on December 30th.

handless day

On the broadcast, the owner of a local tteokbokki restaurant Han Ga In used to visit quite often when she was young warmly shared, “Han Ga In has been here since she was 5. She went to kindergarten, learned the piano, and then bought tteokbokki. When I was pregnant, my sister packed it for me.”

handless day

Shin Dong Yeop asked, “How was Han Ga In when she was a student?”. The tteokbokki restaurant’s owner said, “Oh, she was a model student. A true model student. She didn’t have many friends because she only focused on studying”. When asked, “Was she pretty back then?”, the owner smiled and firmly said, “Of course, she was pretty. She didn’t change at all. I can prove it because I’ve seen her grow up ever since she was a little kid”.

handless day

Meanwhile, “Days Without Hands” depicts stories of those who are about to move their houses. 

Source: Nate

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