“You are so mean, aren’t you?” Rain goes up against LE SSERAFIM, what happened?

‘Season B season’ Rain and LE SSERAFIM enjoyed a sports day.

On October 28th, Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) posted on his YouTube channel “Season B Season” a video titled “The real situation, Rain, who got sorted out while exercising with LE SSERAFIMㅣSeason B Season 3 EP.010″. 

On this day, Rain told the production crew that he plans to have an autumn sports day with LE SSERAFIM, “I’m telling you in advance. I’m wearing leather pants.” 

Bi rain

Rain promptly told LE SSERAFIM with confidence, “In terms of strength and everything else, my team would win, no? To be honest, even if five of you tie me up and come at me, I’m confident that I will win.”

Then, Kim Chaewon responded, “It’s not easy for you to win because we’re also ‘LE SSERAFIM the muscle’. Can we do it 5 to 1?” Rain burst into laughter, saying, “5:1, miss Chaewon, You are so mean, aren’t you?”

le sserafim

Rain suggested dividing the team as they sat down, the white team consisted of Kazuha, Sakura, and Hong Eunchae, and the blue team consisted of Rain, Heo Yunjin, and Kim Chaewon. Starting with the Liar Game to find out who is lying, they enjoyed games such as flipping the board and ‘Speak with your body’.

The final victory was the blue team without Rain. Rain was apologetic and offered, “Okay, then I’ll give it to you with my own money,” creating a warm atmosphere by asking which gifts that the members of LE SSERAFIM wanted. 

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