“Narco-Saints” Ha Jung-woo: “I was worried that a 6-hour movie would be boring” [27th BIFF]

Actor Ha Jung-woo (45) introduced the Netflix drama “Narco-Saints” as “It was like a six-hour movie because the story was huge.”

Ha Jung-woo said at the Actors House held at the KNN Tower KNN Theater in Udong, Haeundae-gu, Busan on the afternoon of Oct 13th, “Movies usually has 2-3 hours to express its characters, but ‘Narco-Saints’ took up a long time of six hours. Movies can express the character in detail and density, but I was worried that people who watched such a long drama would feel bored or excessive when following the characters,” he explained.

Ha Jung-woo

Talking about meeting viewers around the world as Kang In-gu in the Netflix drama “Narco-Saints” in September, he stressed, “I filmed this long drama with caution so that it wouldn’t look boring.

Ha Jung-woo went on to say, “When I saw the character named Kang In-gu, I wondered, ‘Does this make sense?’ I couldn’t believe a civilian could get into and struggle to survive in such a situation. The viewers probably thought, ‘How could someone live like that?’ While filming, I talked with director Yoon Jong-bin and adjusted the level,” he explained.

Narco Saints

He was surprised to hear that the story was based on a real character, saying, “In the first part, I explained Kang In-gu’s ability as a civilian to give a justification to the character Kang In-gu. It was like building a subtext for him to survive,” he said. “Kang In-gu then met Pastor Jeon Yo-han, his subordinates Choi Chang-ho and Chang Chen.” Each person he met, he has a different reaction for them. The way he deals with them is different, but I adjusted it in detail while talking to director Yoon. Like how Kang In-gu improved his ability to speak English, I discussed with director Yoon while filming,” he explained his process of interpreting the character.

Ha Jung-woo

Meanwhile, Ha Jung-woo entered the film industry after winning the Rookie of the Year award for his first starring role in director Yoon Jong-bin’s independent film “The Unforgiven” (2005). Since then, his roles in “The Chaser” and “Beastie Boys” started to attract attention in earnest in 2008. Ha has appeared in “My Dear Enemy,” “Take Off” (2009), “The Yellow Sea” (2010), “Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time” (2012), “The Berlin File” (2013), “The Terror Live” (2013), “Assassination” (2015), and “The Handmaiden” (2016).

Ha Jung-woo

Actor House, which marks its second anniversary this year, is a section in which contemporary Korean actors that have both acting skill and star characters tell in-depth stories about their acting career and works. At the Busan Film Festival, the entire proceeds of this event, which began last year, will be donated to Save the Children to practice good deeds.

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