The recently aired kiss scene in tvN’s “Twenty-five Twenty-one” received mixed responses from Korean netizens 

Netizens poured out mixed reactions to the kiss scene in “Twenty-five Twenty-one”’s new episode.

The latest episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one” on March 20th showed Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) kissing Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk).

Baek Yi-jin got angry when Na Hee-do’s ex-boyfriend Jung Ho-jin suddenly appeared. In front of Jung Ho-jin, Baek Yi-jin said, “I feel her time is more precious than mine. So I don’t want her to waste a single moment on no good experiences. She deserves to have only the greatest experiences. And that is something I can do for her. Did you say she doesn’t know what she is doing? She doesn’t need to. Because I know”.

Na Hee-do, who was hiding nearby, learned all Baek Yi-jin’s true feelings for her after hearing their conversations. When the New Year countdown to 2000 began, Na Hee-do kissed Baek Yi-jin. Recalling the moment, Na Hee-do said, “The kiss that started when I was nineteen ended when I was twenty”.

Twenty five twenty one kiss scene

After the broadcast, netizens showed divided responses. Some viewers said, “Hee-do kissed him as soon as she became an adult. This is seriously so good”, “I felt so heart-fluttering as if it was my first kiss”, “I really love the way they directed this scene”, etc.

Twenty five twenty one kiss scene

However, some people commented that they felt uncomfortable with the kiss. This is due to the fact that their romance began as a minor-adult relationship. Many viewers expressed their frustration, saying, “This is so not right”, “What’s with this story between an adult and a minor?”, “This story crossed the line”, “What’s wrong with them?”, etc.

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