IU is a well-rounded idol, except for this bad habit!

She’s so bad at navigating that if there is no one there to lead her way, she may get lost right away!

“Digital queen” IU is a celebrity with the ability to blow up all the music charts and reach PAK each comeback. Thanks to her musical talent and professional work, IU became the idol of many idols and was admired by many artists.

But like many others, this girl also has a bad habit as she is direction-blind. Previously, when appearing in “Knowing Brothers”, IU confessed that she was bad in distinguishing left to right. IU still does not know which route to take after getting off the elevator at the house where she lived for 3 years.

In the fancam that fans record, IU many times exposed her direction-blindness, when she is at the awards ceremony, on stage or on the road. IU even goes in the wrong direction when looking for a car waiting for her.

IU has quite serious direction-blindness

Fortunately, it seems that the staffs know IU’s habit. As she is leading to the wrong direction, there will always be a staff or dancers to pull her back in time.

Netizens commented, “How can she be so cute?”, “Ahhh, she’s so cute”, “She’s like a puppy. I love the way she pretends as if it was nothing and do it the way she wants”,” She turns the wrong way as if it is instinctive”, etc.

Source: Yan

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