NCT and the pressure from their unusually large number of members

Even their fans have a headache due to this large number.

NCT is a unique group in K-pop with an extremely large number of up to 23 members. Because of this, the group easily attracts fans because each member has their own style and personality. However, this large number also puts a pressure on the seniors, the management company SM Entertainment and the fans.

NCT members
Because they have too many members, their seniors and fans sometimes don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Recently, when appearing on rapper Lee Young Ji’s program “Didn’t Prepare Much” to promote his latest comeback, Changmin (TVXQ) had a confession that made fans laugh. Specifically, when asked by Lee Young Ji if he often bought food for juniors in the same company, Changmin honestly replied, “I once treated NCT members to a meal.”

The MC continued to ask, “All the members?”. Immediately after this question, the male idol sighed and shook his head, “The group has too many members, so I feel pressured (when eating together), I also don’t like attracting much attention. If I get noticed, I will feel like I have to do something. And isn’t the number of members too large?”.

NCT members
Changmin sighed helplessly at NCT’s large army. 
NCT members
Changmin felt pressured to receive the attention of all 23 NCT members during the meal. 

Besides the seniors, leader Taeyong is even more pressured when he has to take care of the other 22 members. In an interview with SuperM, Taeyong humorously admitted, “I have 22 “kids” in NCT, but I’m always happy.”

As the leader of the group, the male idol must always take on the responsibility of taking care, sharing and representing the rest of the members. It can be said that Taeyong carries on his shoulders three or four times the “weight” of other leaders in K-pop.

NCT members
Taeyong humorously admitted that he was looking after 22 children.
NCT members
Team leader Taeyong is always the one who reconciles NCT members. 

The large number of members is also a big pressure for the management company SM Entertainment. Especially in ensuring the security of the group when participating in events, eating and exercising daily. Especially on birthdays, because there are 23 members, the company will have to celebrate 23 birthdays for the group in 1 year.

As you know, the 23 NCT members all have different personalities, so it’s not easy to celebrate each person’s birthday. Therefore, SM Entertainment has devised a way to give gifts to this legendary group. Specifically, every time a member’s birthday comes, the company will give that person a green tea birthday cake. Fans often tease SM saying, “This company buys green tea birthday cakes in bulk for NCT”.

NCT members
Everyone has the same green tea cake so they won’t be jealous, the staff will also not have to think too much.

Pressure on seniors, leaders and management companies is not enough, NCT also gives fans a headache every comeback. Because the number is up to 23 members and there are 4 units, this number is expected to increase further in the future. Therefore, fans will have to spend a lot of money to buy albums and products advertised by idols. Besides, only fans (who are only biased on 1 member) will find it difficult to “hunt” the card of their favorite idol when buying an album.

In addition, in the upcoming winter album of the SM Entertainment family, “2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS”, NCT accounted for 22 out of 55 cards. This makes it even harder for fans to get cards of other idols in the company such as SNSD Oh!GG, TVXQ, aespa, BoA or Red Velvet.

NCT members
NCT accounted for 22/55 cards, making SM fans’ “card hunting” journey more difficult. 

As the most populous group in K-pop, NCT has repeatedly put their seniors, companies, and fans in awkward situations. With their musical talent, personality and appearance, despite being crowded, the group is still loved by fans and actively supported in all activities.


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